Match Stats
150 81
Match Date Sun, Jan 6 2019 at 6:38 pm Server -=[ I n s t a M a n i a ]=- by PassionateGaming
Mutators Map-Vote LAv2, UTCmds - Allows most ! commands Map Name Olden Aquifer
Server Info Admin: royal

Welcome to PassionateGaming Public InstaGib Server
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Game Info Time Limit: 20
Frag Limit: 50
Goal Team Score: 0
Max Players: 8
Max Specs: 6
Game Speed: 100
Translocator: True
Friendly Fire: 0.000000
Weapon Stay: True
UTStats Actor Version: 0.4.2
Ignored Players: -=Gg|TOLO=-, -=Gg|RoyaL=-

Match Summary
Team: Red
Player Time ScoreDom Pts F K D STK Eff. Acc. Avg TTL
es -=Gg|diptie=- (67th )07:3112212111100.0011.1108:15
Totals150 (122)12111000100.0011.1108:15
Team: Blue
Player Time ScoreDom Pts F K D STK Eff. Acc. Avg TTL
de Player2 (22nd )07:3161610108:15
Totals81 (61)61001000.000.0008:15

Kills Match Up
es -=Gg|diptie=- (67th )  1
de Player2 (22nd )   

Weapons Summary
Enhanced Shock Rifle
es -=Gg|diptie=- (67th ) 1 9 1 11.11 1500
de Player2 (22nd ) 18

Special Events
First Blood Multis Sprees
Dbl Multi Ultra Mons Kill Ram Dom Uns God
es -=Gg|diptie=- (67th ) Yes
de Player2 (22nd )